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Accio paint and canvas!
Harry Potter's birthday celebrated at Free Spirit Pottery & Glass Studio
Wearing a Slytherin cape, Lora Gunter peruses her choices of glaze for her ceramic project as Free Spirit Pottery hosts Harry Potter's Birthday Bash Wednesday.

Witches and wizards gathered at Free Spirit Pottery & Glass Studio in downtown Statesboro Wednesday to celebrate the birthday of The Boy Who Lived — Harry Potter.

Harry Potter's Birthday Bash allowed attendees to choose from a variety of pottery pieces or glass fusing projects, or to paint a Potter-themed creation on canvas.

In addition to the artistic activities, there was also food, and some bewitching games and trivia. There was even butterbeer, a drink enjoyed by the characters in the series.

July 31 is also the birthday of the author of the Harry Potter series of books, J.K. Rowling.

Lucas Haupt opts for paint and canvas over Harry Potter-themed ceramics.
In between sips of wine from her Harry Potter glass, Tabitha Huddleston creates art with husband Michael.
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