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Food Service inspections - March
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       The following are among the food service establishments inspected in March by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. To view all restaurant scores, visit

March 1
Baymont Inn & Suites, 425 South Main Street Score: 87

All potentially-hazardous foods must be held at 41 degrees F or cooler. Cooks must restrain hair. Observed single-service articles handled, displayed or dispensed in a manner that allows for contamination. Inspector: Brad Wiggins.
March 2
Baymont Inn & Suites, 425 South Main Street Score: 99 (Reinspection)

Repair floor. Inspector: Wiggins.
March 1
Chongwah Express, 19A Statesboro Mall Score: 90

Do not store raw eggs over vegetables in walk-in cooler. Inspector: Wiggins.
Georgia Southern Catering Services, P.O. Box 8138 Score: 99 (Reinspection)
Clean grates in dish washer area. Inspector: Marlin Thomas.
March 5
Little Caesar's, 331 Henry Boulevard Score: 92

Personal food in cooler. Do not store any items in hand sink. Get hand towels at hand sink. Clean shelves and tables. keep doors to establishment closed. Inspector: Wiggins.
Simply Elegant Catering, 68 John R. Coleman Road, Register Score: 99
Clean bottom of freezer. Inspector: Thomas.
Smithfield Golf LLC, 7436 Georgia Highway 46 Score: 95
Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses; corrected on-site. Store single-service items wrapped. Great job. Very clean. Inspector: Misty McKanna.
The Brooklet Landing, 17543 Highway 80 East, Brooklet Score: 93
Label all spray bottles. All scoops need handles. Discard cracked plastic containers. Clean behind fryers. Inspector: Jud Street.
March 6
China One, 400 Parker Avenue Suite 400, Brooklet Score: 85

No sanitizer present in cloth buckets. Foods found at 49-50 degrees F in refrigerator thrown out - egg rolls, chicken, won tons. Inspector: Street.
March 9
China One, 400 Parker Avenue Suite 400, Brooklet Score: 95 (Reinspection)

Store personal items separate from food contact surfaces and other food service items - pocketbook and lighter. Store all wiping cloths in sanitizer between uses. Post current inspection grade. Clean cooler door seals and handles. Inspector: Street.
March 6
Meinhardt Vineyards, 305 Kennedy Pond Road Score: 96

Label items out of original container. Store bowls and pots inverted. Store single-service items protected. Great job. Inspector: McKanna.
Seasons of Japan, 715 Northside Drive East Suite 8 Score: 86
Must wash, rinse and sanitize dishes. All potentially-hazardous foods must be held at 41 degrees F or cooler. When using time as a public health control, food must be marked with 4-hour discard time. Clean microwave. Inspector: Wiggins.
March 8
Seasons of Japan, 715 Northside Drive East Suite 8 Score: 91 (Reinspection)

Must cool to 70 degrees F within two hours then to 41 degrees F within four hours. Food discarded. Inspector: Wiggins.
March 6
Subway #28916, 400 Parker Avenue Suite 200, Brooklet Score: 96

Label bread seasonings. Clean floor in walk-in cooler. Inspector: Street.
Westwood Nursing Center, 101 Stockyard Road Score: Score: 99
Rusty shelves. Fix ceiling in dry storage. Inspector: Street.
March 7
Brooklet Elementary School, 600 West Lane Street, Brooklet Score: 99

Clean non-food contact area of ice maker. Very clean and organized. Fabulous job. Inspector: McKanna.
Days Inn, 616 Fair Road Score: 98
Keep single-service cups and bowls protected. Fabulous job. Inspector: McKanna.
Pizza Hut, 129 South Main Street Score: 91
Clean Coke® cap dispensers and tea nozzles. No jewelry allowed on hands or arms except a plain wedding band. Clean where needed. Clean/repair/repaint walls where needed. Inspector: Wiggins.
Southeast Bulloch Middle School, 9124 Brooklet-Denmark Highway, Brooklet Score: 97
Dented cans must be marked and segregated; corrected on-site. Keep wiping cloths in sanitizer between uses. Great job. Inspector: McKanna.
Statesboro High School, 10 Lester Road Score: 94
Warmer not able to maintain temp for proper hot-holding - 140 degrees F or higher. Have proper thermometers inside coolers. Store utensils in an orderly manner and not touching unsanitized items. Wipe out utensil storage drawer. Clean cabinet sliding door grooves. Inspector: Street.
March 8
Georgia's Bed and Breakfast, 123 South Main Street Score: 93

Date-mark leftovers with discard dates. Do not store dog treats in kitchen. Inspector: Street.
March 12
Comfort Inn & Suites, 17870 Highway 67 Score: 95

Protect all single-service items. Repair leak at freezer. Repair walls where needed. Inspector: McKanna.
Chick-fil-A of Statesboro, 703 Northside Drive East Score: 82
Clean inside of ice machine. Need discard dates on potentially-hazardous leftovers. Label chemical bottles. Label bulk containers. Rusty shelves in coolers. Clean spray/rinse nozzles. Clean equipment where needed. Freezer floor and shelves need cleaning. Clean ventilation covers. Inspector: Street.
March 13
Chick-fil-A of Statesboro, 703 Northside Drive East Score: 94 (Reinspection)

Label bulk containers. Clean wire racks in kitchen - has dust build-up. Rusty racks in cooler. Clean cooler door seals. Inspector: Street.
March 12
Ihop #4461, 800 U.S. Highway 80 East Score: 90

Do not dump ice in hand-wash sink; corrected on-site. Foods must be stored covered. Invert all plates and bowls. Protect single-use items. Refrigerator shelving is rusted. Inspector: McKanna.
Pineland Bulloch Adult Day Services/New Beginnings, 515 Denmark Street Suite 1800 Score: 96
When thawing, food must be submerged in cool running water. Repaint shelves. Inspector: Wiggins.
March 15
Chili's, 435 Commerce Drive Score: 82

Ice scoop holder needs cleaning. Utensils stored dirty and pans not inverted to dry. Food found in walk-in cooler at 48-50 degrees F thrown away. Some food prepped within last four hours saved. Freezer door opened and temp at 41 degrees F in walk-in when inspection complete; someone en route to fix cooler. Dirty cutting boards stored. Discard damaged plastic containers. Clean outside of coolers and other equipment where needed. Inspector: Street.
March 16
Chili's, 435 Commerce Drive Score: 91 (Reinspection)

Utensils and pans found with food debris after being washed and stored. Discard damaged plastic utensils and containers. Clean outside of equipment where needed. Rusty wire racks in some coolers. Clean wall behind 3-compartment sink. Clean floors where needed. Inspector: Street.
March 15
Morrison Health Care Food Service at East Georgia Regional Medical Center, 1499 Fair Road Score: 93

Clean slicer. Store raw meats/eggs below other items in cooler. Inspector: Wiggins.
March 16
Varieties of Statesboro, 550 Fair Road Score: 96

Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses; corrected on-site. Observed ice scoop with handle in contact with rice; corrected on-site. Much improved. Great job. Inspector: McKanna.
March 20
Snack Shack, 28 Statesboro Mall Score: 86

Clean milkshake mixer. Get thermometers in small freezer. Store clean utensils and pans inverted. Protect all single-service items. Need test strips for sanitizer. Clean surfaces where needed. No cold water available at ware-wash sink. Clean kitchen and bathroom of clutter, refuse and unused equipment. Repair floors and walls where needed. Replace ceiling tile over ice machine. Inspector: McKanna.
March 26
Snack Shack, 28 Statesboro Mall Score: 98 (Reinspection)

Repair floors where needed. Great job. Inspector: McKanna.
March 20
Sonic Drive In, 322 South Main Street Score: 92

Slicer/choppers noted with food build-up; corrected on-site. Observed scoop with handle in contact with bulk product; corrected on-site. Clean shelves in reach-in cooler. Clean floors where condensation has built up. Great job. Inspector: McKanna.
March 21
No. 1 Chinese Restaurant, 107 East Parrish Street Suite C Score: 90

Cover all foods in storage. Clean can opener. Utensil storage - knives/tongs must be stored on clean and sanitized surfaces. Get sanitizer test strips. Clean inside of prep cooler. Clean shelf liner in walk-in cooler. Clean floors where needed. Inspector: Street
March 22
McDonald's Archway, 810 Arch Way Score: 95

Observed food employee wearing jewelry other than a plain ring on their hands/arms while preparing food. Store clean utensils and equipment to avoid contamination. Broken coving tile. McKanna.
Medical Center Pharmacy, 57 Granade Street Score: 92
Clean Coke® cap dispensers. Replace worn knives. Rid kitchen of rodents. Inspector: Wiggins.
Panera Bread, 810 Buckhead Drive Score: 98
Store all scoops handles-up out of food product. Cutting boards must be smooth and easily cleanable. Clean drawers containing utensils. Inspector: Thomas.
Subway #28656, 611 Highway 80 West Score: 92
Label spray bottle. Single-use items unprotected under fountain drink machine - tea bags and filters. Clean inside microwave. Inspector: Street.
March 23
Parkwood Foodservice, 12188 Highway 301 South Score: 100

Fantastic job. Inspector: McKanna.
March 26
Subway #28757, 1550 Chandler Road Suite A Score: 97

No hand/arm jewelry allowed aside from plain wedding band. Inspector: Wiggins.

- compiled by Rheneta A. Ward

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