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Food service inspections - January
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    The following are among the food service establishments inspected in December and January by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. To view all restaurant scores, visit

Jan. 19
    The Pizza Mill,
608 Northside Drive West Suite C  Score: 100 (New)
    Inspector: Thomas.
    Langston Chapel, Langston Chapel Road  Score: 92
    Clean slicer. Clean ice machine. Dented cans seen in dry storage. Replace missing ceiling tiles. Inspector: Wiggins.
    Stilson Elementary School, 15569 Highway 119, Brooklet  Score: 99
    Employee personal items not stored correctly; corrected on-site. Superb job. The kitchen is very clean and organized. Employees use correct methods for food handling and prep. Inspector: McKanna.
    Brooklet Elementary School, 600 West Lane Street, Brooklet  Score: 100
    Very well-organized kitchen. Inspector: Street.
    Dairy Queen, 217 Oak Street  Score: 83
    Prep cooler out of temp. Removed foods and discarded. Will recheck. Keep thermometer inside all coolers. Do not store utensils in stagnant water. Store not-in-use utensils with handles in same direction and in or on sanitized surface. Need new test strips. Fix leaky faucet. Clean floor under drink fountain. Inspector: Street.
Jan. 20
    Dairy Queen,
217 Oak Street  Score: 97 (Reinspection)
    Keep foods covered inside coolers and freezer. Very nice. Inspector: Street.
Jan. 19
    La'Berry Frozen Yogurt Cafe,
1100 Brampton Avenue, Suite G  Score: 100 (New)
    Inspector: Marlin Thomas.
    Portal High School, 27245 Highway 80 West, Portal  Score: 92
    Label bulk bin in dry storage room. Keep like utensils stored together to allow for only handles to be touched when retrieving. Ants present in kitchen. Inspector: Street.
    Mill Creek Elementary School, 239 Beasley Road  Score: 94
    Thermometer in reach-in cooler not accurate — reading lower than actual temp. Keep bulk bags (rice) closed/sealed during storage. Inspector: Street.
Jan. 20
    Statesboro High School,
10 Lester Road  Score: 95
    Food must be cooled rapidly from room temperature to 41 degrees F within four hours (pasta salad). When thawing foods under cool running water, food must be submerged. Keep cups in plastic sleeves. Replace damaged slicer. Do not use until replaced. Clean trays that hold food equipment. Pasta salad must be discarded by end of lunch period (by 1:30 p.m.). Must cook day before and cool or use proper procedure for time as a public health control to continue current practice. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 24
    GSU Oasis Juice Bar,
P.O. Box 7994  Score: 95
    Throw out out-dated food — turkey — 11/2010. Shield lights. Inspector: Wiggins. Jan. 25
    GSU Eagle Dining Services — Landrum, 10 Georgia Avenue  Score: 82
    Not using sanitizer in cloth buckets; must have sanitizer. Chicken fingers holding at 108  degrees F. Label bulk container. Clean utensil bins; debris present in bottoms. Repair floors, walls and ceilings where needed. Clean a/c vents and returns. Inspector: Street.
Jan. 27
    GSU Eagle Dining Services — Landrum,
10 Georgia Avenue  Score: 97 (Reinspection)
    Many non-food contact surfaces non cleanable — rusty or damaged. Repair walls, floor and ceiling where needed. Replace light shields where needed. Inspector: Street.
    Fire Cannon, LLC, DBA/Firehouse Subs, 600 Brannen Street Suite B  Score: 93
    All potentially-hazardous foods must have a 7-day discard date from day of being prepared using numerals. Example: 1/31/11. Protect single-use items in storage — plates. Inspector: Street.   
Jan. 25
    Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q,
1602 Statesboro Place Circle  Score: 86
    Personal beverages stored next to drink station and over dish washer; corrected on-site. Soiled and clean plates stored next to each other on wire rack by cooker. Label all containers of sugar, nuts, spices, etc. No copy of latest inspection report at drive-through. Store clean scoops turned the same way. Invert clean bowls. Air-dry all equipment before stacking. Observed single-service articles handled, displayed or dispensed in a manner that allows for contamination. Clean cooler floors and fans. Clean around refrigerator door handles. Great job. Work on storage. Inspector: McKanna.
Jan. 27
    Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q,
1602 Statesboro Place Circle  Score: 97 (Reinspection)
    Observed single-service cups handled, displayed or dispensed in a manner that allows for contamination. Resurface or replace heavily-grooved cutting board at small prep cooler. Clean push carts in dry storage area. Great job. Much improved. Inspector: McKanna.
Jan. 26
    Vandy's at the Mall,
Statesboro Mall  Score: 93
    Cover all food items when not in use. Cover all food items in coolers/freezers. Protect all single-service items from contamination. Get test strips. Clean shelves under heat table. Clean floors under and around all equipment. Clean filters in hood. Inspector: Thomas.
    El Zarape, 1035 Highway 24 East  Score: 86
    Get soap and paper towels at all hand sinks. Do not store anything in hand sink. Label all food containers. All coolers must have internal thermometers. Do not store dirty dishes in two-compartment sink. Store scoops handle-up in food products — rice, etc. Inspector: Thomas.
Jan. 28
    El Zarape,
1035 Highway 24 East  Score: 91 (Reinspection)
    All potentially-hazardous food items must be held hot at 135 degrees F or above — rice, meat in sauce. Inspector: Thomas.
Jan. 26
    Burger King #14614,
602 Fair Road  Score: 93
    Store cleaners away from single-service items. Do not put equipment in food prep sinks. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 27
    William James Middle School, 1
8201 Highway 80 West  Score: 96
    Wiping cloth buckets stored improperly; corrected on-site. Personal items stored improperly. Very clean. Fantastic job. Inspector: McKanna.
    Elements, 250 Forest Drive  Score: 99
    Protect all single-service items. Inspector: Thomas.
    El Rinconcito, 2 College Plaza  Score: 80
    Hand sink must have hand towels. Clean ice machine. All potentially-hazardous foods must be held cold at 41 degrees F or less. Separate raw meats from other foods in cooler. Store raw meats on bottom. Food discarded. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 31
    El Rinconcito,
2 College Plaza  Score: 98 (Reinspection)
    Defrost freezers. Paint/clean walls where needed. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 27
    Ruby Tuesday #3191,
724 Northside Drive East  Score: 93
    Cover all food items in coolers/freezers. Protect all single-service items. Clean bottom of cooler freezers. Clean floors under and around all equipment. Inspector: Thomas.
Jan. 28
    Mattie Lively Elementary School,
302 Debbie Drive  Score: 99
    Repair walls where paint is peeling. Replace any blown lights in hood. Great job. Kitchen exceptionally clean and well-organized. Inspector: Thomas.
    Papa John's Pizza, 620 Fair Road  Score: 95
    Repair cooler door handle and handles to pizza line coolers. Resurface or replace worn cutting board by can opener. Observed build-up on cart, bin and around sink seam. Need air gaps at prep and dish-washing sink. Fantastic job. Inspector: McKanna.
    Subway #3215, 510 South Main Street  Score: 96
    Label all food containers properly. Protect all single-service items; store in plastic bags when not in use. Inspector: Thomas.
    El Sombrero #4, 406 Fair Road  Score: 90
    Observed dented cans; corrected on-site. Observed employee's personal items stored on top of dry goods containers; corrected on-site. Fabulous job. Very clean. Work on storage. Inspector: McKanna.
Jan. 31
    Sonic Drive In,
322 South Main Street  Score: 91
    Slicer/choppers noted with food build-up. Lids stored in soiled bin. Observed food employee wearing jewelry other than a plain ring on their hands/arms while preparing beverages. Store all clean utensils turned the same way in drawer. Personal items stored on top of or next to food containers and packaged food. Overall very clean; work on storage. Inspector: McKanna.
    Boyd's BBQ, 302 Northside Drive West  Score: 94
    Employee's beverage stored over prep areas; corrected on-site. Resurface or replace cutting board. Clean bins, bread shelves, light cover in dry storage. Repair walls where needed. Great job. very clean. Inspector: McKanna.
— compiled by Rheneta A. Washington Ward

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