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Do you agree with a bill in the legislature that would bar illegal immigrants from all 35 of Georgia’s state colleges and universities, as well as the state’s 25 technical schools?


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Climegeist: February 13, 2012 8:36 p.m.

Another law to scare away illegal immigrants isn't going to make the national illegal immigration problem any better. By passing measures like these, all we're doing is hurting small business owners in Georgia like farmers who have to hire illegal immigrants to compete in a national food market. This is what business has become: all Americans pay lower costs for food and other services because we pay illegal immigrants below the minimum wage for their labor.

What we're being asked as citizens of Georgia by our legislature is to pay more for ideological laws that address only the appearance, not the root, of the illegal immigration problem. This law puts Georgia businesspeople at a disadvantage in national markets, costing us a lot of economic activity and tax revenue. As frustrating as it is to write, this is a national problem and requires a national solution from our dysfunctional federal legislature. All these measures from states are false solutions where the ultra-conservative are scoring points by hiding the problem.

I will say though: kudos, state legislators, on writing an immigration law that is neither explicitly racist nor unconstitutional. In Georgia you can be detained by local law enforcement until you can provide documents proving your citizenship. Luckily, this law would never be applied to white people (though imagine it, you read of this comment who is probably white, if this law did apply to you), or even African Americans this time, just Hispanic people, though, to be fair it has also been enforced upon at least one Indian American citizen who was unconstitutionally detained for several hours until family members drove over the correct documents.

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