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Frequently Asked Questions
Why are you changing your website?
We’ve outgrown our old design. The new site offers easier navigation, expanded multimedia and new exclusive subscriber content that is state of the art for media websites these days.
What are the advantages of registering for FREE access if I am a print subscriber?
Registering gets you a password so you can read complete stories as well as access to other exclusive subscriber content.  You will  also have privileges like blogging, commenting on content or reporting inappropriate content on the site.
What is an e-Edition?
The e-Edition shows the Statesboro Herald pages posted on the website just as they are printed in the newspaper.  As an e-Subscriber, you can read these pages online.
Can I access previous issues of the newspaper with my e-Subscription?
Yes.  We have an extensive archive of past editions available as an exclusive benefit for e-Subscribers.
Can I purchase just a single article?

Not at the present time.  However, you can purchase short term access by clicking on any of our exclusive articles.  We offer one day and three day All-Access passes for a small fee.

I am already an e-Subscriber; do I have to register again?
If your e-mail address is not active in our system you will need to register.  Try to log in and view the e-Edition pages of the newspaper.  If you can read the paper online then you are good to go.  If you can’t see small versions of the newspaper pages you will need to setup a new account.  Click on “Subscribe to e-Edition” at the top left of the website and follow the directions.
Where is the password that has been on page 2 of the Newspaper?
The Statesboro Herald no longer publishes a password on page 2.  Current Print Subscribers can access the e-Edition FREE plus other exclusive site content by filling out the following form:
I am not a current print subscriber but purchase a copy of the newspaper from a store or vending machine each day.  Can I still get access to exclusive content and the e-Edition pages?
No only current print subscribers and e-Subscribers can access exclusive content and each page of the newspaper online at
Can multiple people have access to the e-Edition using my subscription?
No, only one e-account is allowed per subscription.
I purchased a print subscription as a gift for another person.  Can I access the e-Edition account?
Yes, but only one e-account is allowed per print subscription.   The address for the e-Subscriber account must match the print delivery address.
I’m a print subscriber.  Why do you require me to fill out a registration form to gain access to the e-Edition?
You still need to register to get a password.  If you do not already have a user account you must fill out the registration form found here: .  This will let you to set up a user name and password to access the exclusive content found on our website.
I am already a print subscriber but why do you need to know my address to register for FREE access online?
Only one free e-account is allowed per paid print subscription.  To verify your status we need to know your name and address exactly as it appears on your print subscription.
I am a print subscriber and filled out the registration form but got a message that said my name and address could not be found and to subscribe to gain access.  What do I do from here?
Our automated verification system matches the name and address submitted by you to an actual account in our subscription database.  If your name or address is misspelled in our database or if the account is under a different name than the one you entered you may receive the “could not be found” message.  Double check the information you have entered on the form and try again.  If doesn’t work, contact us
I don’t want to blog or comment.  All I want to do is read the newspaper pages.  Why must I fill out this registration form?
The registration form is a multi-purpose form which we use to activate different parts of our enhanced website.  Profile Information and Blogging are completely optional and you do not have to participate if you do not wish to.  However, you will still need to fill out the form to get a password for e-Subscriber access.
What do I do if my e-mail address changes?
If you need to change the e-mail address on your account, please let us know.
I now blog and comment on the site under a private username.  If I sign up as an e-Subscriber, will my secret identity be lost?
Not unless you allow it.  You may activate your e-subscription under your current user name and set your profile to private if you wish to remain anonymous or you can set up a second user account for use with you e-Subscription.  Just remember you can only use you e-mail once per account so you will need two different e-mail addresses to set up two accounts.
I see you are using PayPal for e-member payments.  What if I’m not a member of PayPal?
PayPal simply handles our payment transactions.   It’s convenient and an effective way to get your password immediately after your payment has been processed.  If you choose, you can still pay using a major credit card.
Will I have to enter my password every time I want to read an article?
Not as long as you are logged in.  If you log out you will be asked for your password to regain entry.  Most computers will ask permission to remember your password.  If you ok that, you will not have to enter your password every time you log on.
I’m stuck.  This signup thing online doesn’t work.  What do I do?

Contact us online or call Darrell Elliott at 912.489.9425.

If I sign up as a paid subscriber, will the personal information I give you remain private?

We will respect your privacy with personal account information supplied to us.  Our privacy policy statement is located beneath the Site Index on the website.


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