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Bulloch History by Roger Allen

DesLoges becomes Deloach in Bulloch County

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    Michel DesLoges was born approximately in 1645 in the village of Loches, France, and died about 1710 in Isle Of Wight County, Virginia. There is evidence of Michel being a member of one of the French Huguenot Protestant churches in London prior to his leaving for America. He was listed as Michaell Deloge on the passenger list from Bristol, England, when he sailed for America. He arrived as an apprenticed tailor to Charles Taplady in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, on Aug. 24, 1663. It is said Deloge received a grant of 50 acres of land.
    Michael married Jane Griffith sometime between 1668 and 1671. Her father, Rowland Griffith, gave 765 acres of land situated on Blackwater River in Isle of Wight “to my only daughter and now wife unto Michaell DesLoges.” They had a number of children, including Michel Jr. (1671), William Sr. (1678) and Thomas (1680).
    The man considered to be the progenitor of the Bulloch County Deloach is William, who died (according to whom you believe) in March of 1746, 1747 or 1748 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He married Eleanor (or Elinor) Collins in 1701. They had several children, including William Jr. (1702), Martha (1704), Anne (1707) and Francis (1710).
    The Bulloch line continues with his son, William DeLoach Jr., who was actually born not in Isle of Wight but in Surry County (South Wark Parish), Virginia. He married Judith Wall in Northampton County, North Carolina (1725). He died sometime after 1765 while they were living near Lynches Creek in Kershaw, SC.
    William Jr. and Judith had nine children: Thomas (1726 in Brunswick County, Virginia); William (1728 in Edgecombe County, NC); Michael (1732, also in Edgecombe); Hardy (1736, also in Edgecombe); Jesse (1742, also in Edgecombe); Eleanor (1744, also in Edgecombe); Averilla (1746 in Craven County, SC); Frances (1748, also in Craven); and Elizabeth (1750 in Edgecombe.
    Hardy Deloach Sr. was born (1736) in Edgecombe, dying at the age of 84 in Georgia. He married Elizabeth Hart (1757) in the Beaufort District of SC, and they had six children: Hardy Jr. (1758); John H. (1762); Rebecca (1763); Mary Jane (1773); Ephraim (1777); and Abraham (1780). He is the a direct link to most of the Bulloch Deloachs, through his sons, John H. and Abraham.
    Hardy’s sons ,Abraham and John H., continued the Bulloch line. Abraham was born in 1780 in Beaufort District, South Carolina, and died sometime after 1840 in Lowndes County, Georgia.  He married Elizabeth Rowe in 1804 in Bulloch County, Georgia. They had six children: General (1801) born in Bulloch County; Zachariah (1807) also in Bulloch; Luraney (1808), born in Tattnall County; Mary Ann (1814); Ebenezer (1815), born in Bulloch; and Eliza (1820) born in Tattnall.
    Hardy’s son, John H., was born in 1762 in South Carolina, and died at the age of 56 in 1818 in Tattnall County, Georgia, where he was buried at Beards Creek Cemetery. The “H” is said to either stand for Hardy or Hart, but very few agree which. He married Elizabeth Durrence in 1792 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. They soon moved to Tattnall County, where she bore him nine children.
    They were: William (1792); Ephraim (1794); John Calvin (1796); Jesse (1798); Louraney (1800); Sarah Sallie (1802); Hardy B. (1804); Jane (1807) and Isham (1808).  John “H”s son John Calvin Sr., became the main ancestor for the Bulloch Deloachs. He was born in March of 1796 in Tattnall County. He moved his entire family to Bulloch County, Georgia, after marrying Ardelia Frier on May 26, 1819, in Tattnall. They had 13 children.
    Their sons were: James Hoyt (born June 14, 1824); John Calvin Sr. (born either Feb. 22, 1826 or July 21, 1826)); William Henderson (born Dec. 13, 1829); Joshua Daniel (born Jan. 10, 1831); George Washington (born Sept. 28, 1833); Hampton (born in 1835); Robert Williams (born March 24, 1843); and Zachariah Taylor (born Dec. 8, 1844).
Their daughters were: Julianne M. (born May 23, 1822); Martha (born in 1828); Sarah Jane (born Sept. 12, 1837); Emma Eliza (born July 24, 1839); Amanda Ardelia (born Sept. 4, 1841).
    John Calvin (Jack) Deloach Sr. died on July 24, 1887, and was buried at Deloach's Church Cemetery, Bulloch County, Georgia.  When John Calvin Sr. died, in reality, it was only the beginning, for the children he and his wife, Ardelia, had brought into this world would ensure that the Deloachs in Bulloch County would truly become fruitful and multiply.

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