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Soundoff 11/08

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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.
    "In response to the person who says that the Democrats in Bulloch County should not have to pay for all the security for having President Bush here, once a president is a president, there's no partisans in this. He is the president, not a Republican or Democrat. He is a president and so our county and our city should pay to secure the fact that we have a president in our … town. So, I was very much in favor of …  taxes or whatever was paid to … to protect this man."
    "I've … been waiting for … the past … month or so for Georgia Southern's enrollment to be announced. I understand that it's supposed to be up close to a thousand. That would give 'em … about 17,500 students. … I think it's great. We see all the apartments that's goin' up and the retail businesses and we know how much they're counting on Georgia Southern. … And it's just great that the school's doing so well and I can't wait until they announce the enrollment."
    "Nothing more annoying than political phone calls after you've already voted."
    "Based on the article in Friday's paper entitled 'Immigration issues focus of forum at university,' sounds like to me the INS is doin' its job because if you do not grab these people where they live, where they stay, where they hide, you will not get 'em, 'cause if they see you comin', they are gone and they are criminals. They are in violation of our laws. This is where Andrea Hinojosa kicks. in. She should take care of those … people. She's invited 'em. She wants 'em in our country. Take care of 'em, Andrea."
    "Has anybody noticed how much better traffic is on 80 since they closed Savannah Avenue for construction? They ought to just keep it closed and let people reroute 'cause it's a lot safer to go down 80 now."
    "Thank goodness for the county Child Support Recovery group. He's payin' up now, but he got a lawyer and … cut his obligation to more 'an half. I don't think that's fair, but at least he's payin' up some."
    "This is to the person that wants to buy a copy of President Bush's speech … video. All you have to do is turn on the TV. He's been doin' the same speech for the last three months. But we hopin' it will change after Tuesday."
    "Holli Deal Bragg's column was right on target. Most Americans agree that legal immigration is a good thing. My ancestors were legal immigrants. The first thing they did was learn to speak English. Tales of yanking people from their homes camouflage the real issue. Legal immigration is all we ask."
    "If I promise to accept the job with an arrogant attitude, throw away all the great traditions, alienate the fan base, lose four games in my first season and then perceive to blame it all on the players, can I be the next head football coach at Georgia Southern?"
    "Who would even think of wanting Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry or any of that crew to be in charge of anything? … They look ridiculous on TV."
    "Apparently when the new GSU football coach was hired, somebody forgot to tell 'im it was his job to shut down the other team's offense, not our own. I find it incredible that we're paying a boat-load of money to someone to watch them make our beloved football program become the laughingstock of college football."
    "I have been a supporter of GSU football since the early 1980s. Do I like the fact that this is a losing season? Of course not. We are in a year of transition. We will have a winning season and we will win national championships in just a matter of a few short years. However, for now, we need to remember to support Sam Baker, Brian Van Gorder, the assistant coaches and most of all, the players."
    "I'm … calling concerning keeping Bulloch beautiful. … We pay taxes on our land. So, what we do on our land is our business. And if you don't like it, stay on your land. Or … I don't know. Go somewhere else."
    "Where's the ACLU? When there's prayer in school, 'Under God' in the Pledge, Ten Commandments in a courthouse, ACLU rises up to demand separation of church and state. Then we have Democratic candidates going to churches to preach their political platform. ACLU, the road runs both ways. Get the political messages out of church if you're going to try to get church out of state."
    "This is for Holli Deal Bragg. I just finished reading your pa … your article in the paper on Monday, November 6th, and it was an absolutely wonderful article and to the point and so true. Thank you for all your great work. You are truly appreciated in this county of Bulloch."
    "With all the bitching that I've read in the Soundoff about the football games and the politics, I'd like to  just add please remember parking lights are for parking and put your lights on when you're driving. Thank you very much. You didn't lose an hour. You didn't lose anything. You didn't have it to begin with."
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