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Soundoff 10/27

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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald.
    To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

    "I find it insulting that George Bush is comin' down here from Washington to tell us poor ignorant south Georgians who we have to vote for for our congressman. What arrogance is this? Why doesn't he stay in Washington and run the country instead of buttin' in here? If he wants to visit south Georgia, let him wait until he has something to offer us rather than trying to bully us into doing him a favor."
    "I think it's kind of sad that one of the homecoming traditions at Southeast Bulloch High School has become vandalism."
    "How can we win a war with a five-time draft-dodger and a pilot that won't fly combat running the country?"
    "This is for the editor or the publisher of Statesboro Herald. While our favorite George Bush comes to Statesboro Monday, who is gonna pay all the overtime for the extra security? Is this a … a presidential meeting or is this for a Republican party? If the Republican Party is gonna pay for all the extra overtime for all law enforcement, then you people need to get a copy and put it in the paper of how much money they gave or the taxpayers are gonna get ripped off again."
    "I am an independent voter. All the tickets to see President Bush have already been given to favored Republicans who are already going to vote for Burns. Anyone wanna use logic with this?"
    "You call it justice. Why was a serial killer in Stark, Florida, allowed to live 16 years after the heinous killing of five college students? He received a reward: an injection and slowly went to sleep, no pain or suffering."
    "Is Jesse Jackson a real minister or does he stay in a state of confusion as to what role to play in society?"
    "Thank you, Herald, for the explanation to … in today's Herald of the … amendments and referendums. Now I can know how to vote. Thanks again."
    "Do you workin' people know how much of your tax dollars the president is wasting' on tryin' to get one man elected? He's not for Statesboro, but for hisself, after one vote in the House. Finally, after all these months, he's talkin' about Iraq. Maybe if he had a grandson there, like me, he would feel differently. Thank you. I hope you print this message."
    "How many city workers does it take to pick up a small pile of leaves? Five. Two to rake, two to shovel and one to carry the bag. I want a city job."
    "I don't suppose we consumers have got a chance of gettin' a bill through the Georgia legislature that would prohibit political recorded messages since one of the political recorded messages is from the governor's wife. Sittin' here expecting an important call and get a dag-gum recording from Mary askin' me if I had received the letter she sent me tellin' about all the good things her … husband did."
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