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Soundoff 10/19

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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.
    "I was just wondering why the county can't do something about the ugly and disgraceful location of Chance's Mobile Home Park on 301 North. Why has it been left in the run-down and trashy condition it is in? Also the service station across from it. With the grass and ditch so grown up and so many signs in the grass. I hope to one day see this area kept in good condition and the no longer inhabitable trailers moved away."
    "I'm calling in to request that the city do something about the cage of exposed garbage on Highway 24 and Lester Road. No other service station is allowed to do this. Let's clean up our city."
    "Thanks to the county employee that got the direct deposit started. I've been tryin' to get it done for three years. Said it's too hard, couldn't be done. But thanks again for whoever got direct deposit for the county employees. Thank you again."
    "The county computers … they are for the county use. Chit-chattin' on 'em is not for the employees or emailin' … other people on 'em. Why is allowed? Chit-chattin' on the county's computers. It will tell on you."
    "I'm callin' 'cause I got a child out at Southeast Middle School and … my youth pastor at Trinity Baptist Church has been goin' out there at lunch and ministerin' to them kids. But then he was told that he couldn't come back no more. And … I was wonderin' why because then my child comes home and tells me that there's some other … must have been a Methodist preacher out there. … talkin' to 'em at lunch time. So, I … I don't know what's goin' on. Don't make no sense to me. So, if you could print this, I'd appreciate it."
    "All those hoodlums out there that's killin' people and killin' up young people and sellin' drugs, they ought to send 'em over to Baghdad and put 'em on the front line. Since they like to kill and shoot, they can find out what it's like to be killed and shootin' at everybody. It's … it's gotten to the place where it's unsafe for everybody to walk anymore. You can't re-school them. That's all they are, hoodlums and barbarians."
    "This is in response to the statement about when gas prices will go up. Why not just enjoy the prices why they're the price that they are and just worry about it when that time comes?"
    "I'm calling to express my total disgust with our politicians in south Georgia. Everyday I open my mailbox to find more and more leaflets that bash one candidate or the other. This afternoon I answered phone to hear a recorded message … to bash John Barrow. This kind of stuff doesn't impress me nor many other hard-working individuals in Bulloch County. I just wonder where's that money comin' from … how expensive it is to get these recorded messages? It's ridiculous."
    "So I say to the number one team in the nation. Well, remember the last time a number one team nation came into Paulsen Stadium? They came out limping. So, let's go Eagles!"
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