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Soundoff 10/18

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"Real estate agents of Statesboro, when you advertise an open house, please provide a phone number where people can reach you over the weekend in case they have questions. … Two open houses advertised last Friday, the phone numbers listed, there was no one available."
    "Just can't figure out why everybody seem so concerned about North Korea. Why don't we just bomb those idiots back into the Stone Age and stop worryin' about 'em?"
    "I would like to know if after the Islamic exhibit that's at the university of … Georgia Southern are they gonna have a Christian exhibit as well? I think it's ludicrous to have an Islamic … exhibit at the Georgia Southern University … a … campus-sponsored thing. So, I'm anxious to hear if they're gonna have one about Christianity after they get through pitching Islam."
    "Just wanted to say that if half of what Burns and Barrow says about each other is true, then neither is fit to serve this people of this county … or this district. Same goes for the governor's race. God bless."
    "Please fix the lights on the walking path at Mill Creek Park. Some of us still like to walk at night."
    "Most mornings approximately about 8:30, a bunch of adult addicts ride their bicycles down Jones Mill Road and Lester Road in the middle of the street. It is dangerous when you drive up on them. Can't the police control this before someone gets run over?"
    "Enjoyed the article on nudist resorts. Many nudists live here in Statesboro. It is a wonderful way to enjoy total relaxation. There are hundreds of resorts, some less than three hours away. Nudists are your neighbors, friends and people you go to church with. Nudist resorts do not allow cameras. Nudists resorts are truly family getaways. Try it, you might like it. A-A-N-O or dot com. I can't wait to read Soundoff on Monday and Tuesday. Laughin' out loud."
    "There is no such thing as a gasoline pipeline in North Augusta. Why do people say stupid things like that and other people believe them? Reason for high gas prices in Statesboro is simple greed. Nothin' else."
    "Who knows??? How on earth did Grady and Zetterower get 10 traffic lights and the crossing of Lee Street and 80 can't get one? Voted one of the most dangerous in town and has the most traffic."
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