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Three issues prove biggest problem in U.S.

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            Gas prices, the war on Iraq and illegal immigrants.

            Okay, I know we’re all, as Americans, tired of these same occurring events, but isn’t it time that something is done about them? It is events that are affecting us beyond recognition. It’s time that we hold our government accountable.

            First of all, the gas prices are outrageous and it is hurting our pockets. Of course we need the gas to commute. But the money we have to spend on gas is taking away from the money we need to pay for our food and our debt. We are struggling as it is and it’s just making it harder. I know there are some people who can afford it along with their other necessities, but there are also those who are living payday to payday; is this fair? It is just out of control and needs to be dealt with. If we do not see the gas prices come down, fine, but I think it’s time for our Congress to realize that the cost of living is going up and the minimum wage has not. It’s time to focus on the minimum wage, put it on the front burner and raise it up.

            The war on Iraq has really been exaggerated. I feel like we do need to protect ourselves from terrorism, but it’s time for our men and women to come home. Maybe it’s time for a new strategy. We have done what Bush wanted. We have established their government and Saddam is now dead. Does it really matter if bin Laden is still alive? Can we track down every terrorist and hater? I think not. It’s time to move on as a nation. We have problems right here in the U.S. that need attention. We are spending billions over in Iraq; billions that could have helped with our poverty, scholarships to college students and maybe the gas would come down. It’s time for a change. Let’s be honest with ourselves. We can’t control terrorists and haters; we have them in Iraq, Iran and even here in the U.S.

            Finally, the illegal immigrants. We are supporting people in our country that are illegal. They do not pay taxes, we do. We pay to educate not only our children, but also their children. A lot of immigrants get welfare, food stamps and Medicaid. We have families with low income that “make too much” and get nothing. Is this right? I don’t mind the immigrants wanting a better life, but is it so hard to get a green card or establish US citizenship? I think if immigrants want to live in the USA, land of the free, then learn the English language, establish citizenship, pay taxes and live just like the rest of the American people. I think it is only fair.

Amanda Calhoun
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