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Soundoff 10/10

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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald.
    To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

    "I just had an idea about the new traffic light on Highway 80. What if they put some things in the ground that would tell when there was a car there and then the lights would change right on time and you wouldn't have to sit and wait when there's no traffic comin'? And then come back and check 'em every month or so to make sure they're still working. Wouldn't that be great?"
    "The city of Statesboro is reneging on a proposal to add a fifth lane begin … beginning at 301 through Highway 80, stopping at the mall. We feel that a fifth lane addition will aid in the reduction of traffic congestion that Statesboro is suffering from. The state is willing to agree to this addition and each of the businesses will benefit greatly. We are asking that the Statesboro Herald help in vocalizing through print this highway addition."
    "I'd like to ask the city engineer … about the … talk about the traffic light light on Highway 80. I thought … I'd like to find out why, you know, they put one there and they can't put one out here on 67 and 46. How many people've been killed right there at that intersection?"
    "I would like to say congratulations to Southeast Bulloch and Southeast Middle School cheerleaders. You all did a wonderful job this weekend at competition. You … did your best and you showed great spirit and we're very proud of you."
    "Erk Russell had small boys, ran the option, won national championships. Tim Stowers, small boys, won the national championship with an option. Paul Johnson, small boys, ran the option … and won national championships. Let's go back to Foster. Let's go back to … the option. Let's win some more national championships."
    "I do applaud Wal-Mart for putting up the 'Expectant Mother' … parking places, but it's a real shame that people park in that who aren't pregnant. … It's … can't believe people do somethin' like that. It's just … people need to learn to be more respectful."
    "Could someone please patrol the weekend out here on Mill Creek Road off of Clito, the part that's not paved? The four-wheelers are tearin' up the road, tearin' up the ditches, breakin' up the culverts and just doin' all kind of things. And it's not children. It's grownups. No helmets, no nothin'. Just tearin' the roads up terrible."
    "Kathy Bradley should charge us travel fare for the vacations of imagination to which she transports us. Her descriptive word-weaving is beautiful. Thank you and Happy Birthday, Kathy."
    "It seems that Georgia Power is trying to pay for the acquisition of Savannah Electric. We cut off our air conditioners a month ago, but our bill has not gone down. And they are wanting to increase the rate? That is BS. I can run a generator for less money."
    "GSU's football defense is not nearly as effective as last year. Yet we hire the so-called defensive specialist. Our offense last year was years ahead of this year's offense and no creativity is shown by these young coaches who are working with players who are superior with talent. What is wrong with this real picture?"
    "Statesboro, hey. Bet y'all didn't know we have a chance to have five lanes from 301 down U.S. 80 to the mall. DO … DOT will agree to this. City wants to back out. I have a business on U.S. 80 and there's been little improvement in the past 30 years. Take it while you can. It's long overdue. I'll bet y'all knew that."
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