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Soundoff 12/9

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<I>    Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald.
    To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.
    <I>"I love the Blue Moon Cafe's new lunch menu. Where else can you go and get food like that for lunch? You can go anywhere and get burgers, fries and chicken salad. We ate lunch there Monday and to my surprise, there were not a lot of customers there and after tastin' the food, I couldn't understand why. Hats off to the Blue Moon staff for somethin' different in Statesboro. Thanks for a wonderful lunch menu."
    "This message is for the person that left in the Soundoff about the incident that … that occurred on Solomon Circle, about the attempt to distribute marijuana. It wasn't on mar … it wasn't on Solomon Circle and it doesn't have anything to do with the day care. So, you need to wake up."
    "Thank you, First United Methodist Church for bringing us the Annie Moses Band last Sunday. What a wonderful gift and blessing to our community for those who were lucky enough to be there to hear them. Thank you so much."
    "I was … I was readin' in the Tuesday Statesboro Herald of a early election … voter election held last week and I was wonderin' if that was publicized in the Statesboro Herald. Because I read the Herald every day and I don't recall reading about that early voting."
    "This is to the Bulloch County Board of Education. You need to get a backbone and stand up for some of these teachers that are gettin' pushed around by parents. … We're losin' … losin' a very good teacher … at Mill Creek because of a certain situation. And we need someone to stand up for her and I don't think the board of education has done their job."
    "Coach Van Gorder must feel pretty comfortable when he reads that another coach is praised for a 53 percent win record after 10 years at Georgia Southern."
    "Hey, caller with the so-called best friend. Do yourself and everyone else in your life a favor: learn from your mistakes, get over it and move on. Take responsibility for your own happiness."
    "This is in regards to the person wanting to know a dentist that accepts Medicaid. Do you have children ages 4 to 20 in the Bulloch County School System? We will be hosting the Help a Child Smile mobile dentist service in  January. They accept Medicaid, PeachCare and most insurances. I received a form last week from my school."
    "This message is to the person that abused the poor dog and anyone else who abuses animals for that matter. Someone should hang a chain around your neck and leave you outside to fend for yourself. God created all living things and you have proved you are a waste of His valuable time. Thanks to the person who cared enough to rescue Sonny and God bless you."
    "Sam Baker and Van Gorder must be usin' the George W. Republican playbook. They blamin' the media for everything that went wrong. And after a 3 and 8 season — which includes five straight losses — their solution is to stay the course. Hmm … that lost the election, didn't it?"
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