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Soundoff 12/05

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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.
    "Thanksgiving was good, but I didn't get my dessert. And my dessert has always been watching Georgia Southern play on Saturday afternoon after Thanksgiving. But without the triple option offense, I don't think I'll ever have dessert in Statesboro after Thanksgiving ever again. Get with it, coach. It was good for 20 years. Bring it back. Or bring back a new coach."
    "If the poultry plant that was in the paper on Monday would have hired legal people and had a decent wage to begin with, they would not have the … problems that they're having today. Illegal immigration is wrong. They need to be all sent back where they came from … and they don't belong here to begin with. Nobody would be in trouble if they paid a decent … decent wage and would be able to … get by predominantly well."
    "This is for the Blue Moon Cafe restaurant for lunch. Please, please, please bring back your lunch menu. You had such a good variety of burgers and fries and … chicken salad. And now you just have a short fancy menu for lunch. Please, please … bring your old menu back."
    "What a welcomed sight it is to see the principal at Southeast Bulloch Middle School out in front of the school greeting students and parents every morning. Keep up the good work."
    "I was just readin' the Soundoff paper about the guy that was … sellin' marijuana with intent to distribute on Solomon Circle. It's just really sad when there's a … there's a day care there. I don't understand how that can be and he's around children. Parents, y'all need to wake up."
    "Something really needs to be done about West Vine Street. The parking situation is … is terrible. Either it needs to be no parking or one way … but it needs to be corrected."
    "It's quite disturbin' how so many people in Los Angeles and the African American community and others that were disturbed by the comedian's outburst at the comedy club in Los Angeles. These are the very same people that cheered and clapped when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty for double murder based solely on race."
    "…This is the second time I called in about tryin' to get some dental care. … If there's a dentist here in Statesboro that accept Medicaid … I'd like for you to print it in … Soundoff 'cause you got many people that need to go to the dentist and … it would be very helpful if we can find one that 'cept Medicaid or Medicare … for people that's in need."
    "This is to that special, back-stabbing, so-called best friend: your day will come."
    "I would just like to send a pat on the back to Mattie Lively School administration and teaching and support staff. They're just a wonderful group to work with and around children. I see a huge difference and appreciate all their hard work, this year especially. And being recognized by the governor to have the tour group to come is just a feather in their cap. Thank you for all you do Mattie Lively Elementary School, administration, teachers and staff."
    "Today, I saw a man driving a Mini Cooper and he was throwing peanut shells out the window as he drove along. Our streets are not garbage cans, nor are they ashtrays. Please, dispose of your trash and cigarette butts properly. Keep Bulloch beautiful."
    "Enough already of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Maybe they're great on screen, but it's a shame these types of people are made to be role models for our kids. Living together out of wedlock is bad enough, and then having children. If you're going to engage in immoral, low-class behavior, then at least have enough dignity and respect for yourself to be discreet. I miss the good, clean living of Doris Day. She was a good role model for our children, had high standards and great moral character."
    "I was quite disappointed in reading today's Herald when I saw that … the downtown … Statesboro Development Authority is sponsoring their annual Holiday for December 7th. I wish people would think back. December 7th. That was Pearl Harbor Day when we lost a lot of people. And to have it on that day, that's terrible."
    "Many thanks to the gentleman who paid the balance on my grocery bill at Bi-Lo after I'd gone to the car to get my pocketbook. May God forever bless and keep you. Thanks."
    "I was reading what the preacher said about the arson at Emit Grove Church, how it was God's will. Can someone please explain to me how a person can be charged with a crime if what the person did was God's will?"
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