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Soundoff 11/28

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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.
    "I saw a report on the Fox News Channel that the world is running out of fossil fuels and will probably be out of fossil fuels, oil, coal, et cetera, in 200 to 250 years. While this might be a problem and this might be true, the much more greater problem is in 200 to 250 years, at this rate, there probably won't even be a United States of America, much less any organized society on the earth. So, while we should study the … alternative fuel solution, we should also study a solution to re-correct our course … 'cause we're on the path to bein' gone."
    "To all y'all Monday mornin' quarterbacks that can do such a better job of coachin' than Van Gorder, where your application? My God, we need y'all! Leave the man alone. It's his first season."
    "I was wondering if the clean or trash committee in Statesboro has been out Lanier Drive lately to look at the old Lanier's trailer park mess they have? Someone needs … sure needs to get it cleaned up. Thanks. Have a great day."
    "For the person talkin' about pukin' over the Bubba Son commercials, I keep my VCR ready for 'em and I own the entire collection. Bubba Son rules."
    "I was wondering if someone knows how you can find out the city ordinances … what they may be and where they're located to determine if it's legal for people to hunt within the city limits. We've got a residential area that goes up against the branch that has deer … and we've got hunters."
    "The elderly woman that was killed after she shot three policemen in the Atlanta drug bust. Doesn't the SWAT Team have more experience with that kind of situation?"
    "I see in Saturday's paper where the University of Miami fired their head coach. Georgia Southern could do the same thing, but that would be admitting that they had made a mistake."
    "This holiday season we need to think about all the pain and sufferin' that is goin' on in Iraq. One man deserves all the credit for that. Our great leader, Lord George Bush."
    "Just wonderin' why a secretary at the prison would need to drive a county-owned car back and to to work."
    "Yes, good morning, I would … good afternoon, rather. I was calling because I was readin' the business section of Statesboro for Monday and I was … lookin' at where they was tryin' to get metropolitan-style restaurants and coffee houses in Statesboro. That's all well and fine. But if they want to get metropolitan, how come they don't get a bus company in Statesboro? Could you put this in the Soundoff, please?"
    "I see in the paper that the oil prices … by the barrel are 17-month low. I wonder what the weak excuses by the oil company this time are for the prices of the oil at the pump not reducing at the same rate."
    "I assume that Ms. Jan Moore has been promoted to food critic for the Herald. It would be a good idea if she could … actually … do a … an article based on business in Statesboro, somethin' other than … whatever it is she wants to eat."
    "Is it not false advertising when a service station advertises 'pay at the pump' when you can never get a receipt at the pump? Please look into this."
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