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Soundoff 11/21

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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald.
    To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.
    "I didn't know Bill Clinton stayed at the Statesboro Inn. Wow! Should have been reported. Or maybe he was hiding out with a … intern."
    "Why doesn't the Statesboro Herald cover the board of education meetings like they do the city council and county commissioners? Are you helpin' the board cover up something?"
    "To the poor, misguided person who thinks the minimum wage should be raised … should not be raised, I'm sorry."
    "I see where George Bush is finally in Vietnam. The problem here is that he's 33 years too late."
    "I was wondering if anyone else in this city or county area is havin' a problem with folks leavin' their litter, yard debris … piled up on the roads? Not in their yard, but they actually put it in the road so you can't drive down the road. Curious. Have a great day everybody. Love the world!"
    "…My hat's off to the athletic department for making such a big change in the football coaching staff. Coach Van Gorder was out to make a change in the way GSU played football. Not only did he succeed, but also has made a name for himself in the GSU history books of having the worst season … in … in their history since they restarted football."
    "I see that the Jenkins County football team had only one win this season. They should have had Georgia Southern on their schedule. Then they would have had two wins."
    "Please let Miami hire Van Gorder so we can get to the playoffs next year."
    "I'm not a doctor but I think I know the name of the condition those two Pillsbury Doughboys ridin' those poor old horses have. Called can't push yourself away from the table syndrome. Seem like there might be a epidemic of that goin' around here in Statesboro."
    "Someone keeps calling 'bout Max Burns and having a gracious acceptance of defeat. I thought he had. On the other hand, if we could follow Al Gore's example, Max could have at least six more years of complainin' about why he was robbed of the election."
    "Coaches at any level, whether it's GSU or SEB High School, should bear the responsibility for their coaching inadequacies and not try to place the blame on others."
    "…I have to travel the road between Clito and Macedonia Road, the dirt road there, Five Chop. There's a loggin' outfit that's been cutting timber and they have been leavin' such a mess until you can't hardly get around on the dirt road. I believe that they ought to go back in and straighten up their mess that they've left or the family of … the land that belongs to the ones that's gettin' it cut, should have it cleaned up because it's a disgrace to the community."
    "The upper echelon at GSU has made a colossal mistake, but will never admit it. All of us will pay a heavy penalty for their grievous error. Dr. Dewey's letter was courageous, perceptive and right on target."
    "Apparently Van Gorder still has not gotten the picture. He feels that the only people he needs to take care of his players, coaches and bosses."
    "A coach is always a father figure of sorts and our players went from a loving, supportive father in Mike Sewak to a harsh, punitive type of father in the form of Van Gorder. Is it any wonder they rebelled against winning for this guy?"
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