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Soundoff 11/17

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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.
    "The lead topic in today's Soundoff, Tuesday, November the 14th, is the biggest bunch of bull I've ever seen in one place in my life. The minimum wage increase will not do the things that this person claims. And besides that, do we as consumers have a right to demand the lowest possible wages … the lowest possible price rather for a particular item, even if the person making or delivering that item cannot live on what they're paid to do that work?"
    "'Facing the Giants' is the greatest football movie I have ever seen. If you like football, you've got to see this movie."
    "To the poor, misguided person who thinks the minimum wage should not be raised. You said businesses have to make a profit. You should ask yourself how much profit should they be making. The rich are getting richer, pal, and the poor are getting poorer. Pretty soon there will be no middle class. No American can raise a family on the minimum wage as it now stand, but all the illegals can. And that is why businesses don't want it raised. Businesses will have to start paying Americans a fair wage."
    "Democrats and Republicans, our tax dollars will never bring democracy to the Iraqi people. As soon as we repair, they tear down. The answer is we repair once then let it be. The strongest will be back in power as soon as we leave, no matter when."
    "This is to the person who made the rude comment about the two cowboys that came through Statesboro. You don't know if they had a health problem that causes them to be big or not. But their problem is not nearly as bad as your mouth. You must be perfect."
    "To the person who made statement about minimum wage in Tuesday's paper. Minimum wage workers don't have labor leaders. If you are in a union, you … you have a labor … leaders. If they were in a union, they will not be makin' minimum wage. Get real!"
    "This person called in in today's Soundoff about minimum wage. This person should have lived a hundred years ago and should have died when Herbert Hoover did."
    "Why've people stopped using their turn signals? I don't understand the inability to flip the turn indicator on as a common courtesy to fellow drivers, safety issues notwithstanding. We no longer have to roll down the window and throw our arm out into a position to notify each other of our intentions. Use your blinkers!"
    "To the … minimum wage protester. … First place, I don't know of anyone in organized labor that makes minimum wage. And also, if you have a job that pays more than minimum wage, you have health insurance, a retirement plan, thank organized labor for their continuous effort to maintain these things for their members. It trickles down to you also. From a local union, 709 Ironworks. Have a good day."
    "Let's see: the river keepers are suing the government because the government will not tell private citizens what they may do with their trees. This is precisely the kind of lunacy that has caused me never to support an environmental group."
    "'Facing the Giants' is a great movie. Although I know nothin' about football, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I recommend it to everybody."
    "Max Burns and Mac Collins and their staffs need to learn a valuable lesson about the gracious acceptance of defeat in a close race from their fellow Republican in Virginia, Senator Allen. One must finally accept facts. And why not do it with grace?"
    "I don't know why anyone thinks the terrorists are laughing now when they've been in hysterics for the last six years."
    "Since our troops in Iraq are floating targets, I think the U.S. government should dress all our troops in bed sheets and then the terrorists wouldn't know who to shoot."
    "Will the person that picked up two Lab puppies with orange collars — one puppy with only one eye — on M.P. Martin Road Tuesday please return them? They are a child's much-loved pets. Reward and no questions asked. Thanks."
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